Wordle: Everything You Need To Know About Word Game 2023

This blog is about Wordle: Everything You Need To Know About the Biggest Word Game. But first, we will know what actually wordle is.

What Is Wordle?

Josh Wardle, a Welsh software developer, founded and developed the online word game Wordle, which has been owned and published by the New York Times Company since 2022. Players have six chances to guess a five-letter word, with colored tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position providing feedback for each guess. The Jotto pen-and-paper game from 1955 and the Lingo television game show series are the closest analogs in terms of mechanics.  Word game has a single diurnal result in which all players try to guess the same word.

Six words can be entered, so you can use five of them as “burner words” to practice the letters and their positions. Then you only have one chance to use those hints. Another option is to guess the word of the day quickly—in three, two, or even one attempt.

History Of Wordle Game 

Wardle invented Wordle in 2013, inspired by the color-matching game Mastermind. The prototype allowed players to play puzzles in a row and had an unfiltered wordlist. Initially, the game used all 13,000 possible English five-letter words, but he discovered that his partner Palak Shah had difficulty recognizing some of the less common words, making the guessing as haphazard as it was in Mastermind. He then used Shah as a simple filter to reduce the word list to around 2,000 more recognizable words – roughly five years of daily puzzles. Wardle lost interest in the prototype after finishing it in 2014 and set it aside.

Wardle created the two online social experiments The Button and Place while still employed by Reddit. He and his mate” came veritably into” The New York Times’ Spelling Bee and diurnal crossword mystification when the COVID-19 outbreak megahit.  The easy-to-use website interface for the puzzle and the cap of one puzzle per day were two aspects of the Spelling Bee that Wardle was inspired by to further develop his Wordle prototype. Wardle published Wordle online in January 2021, mostly for his and his partner’s use. He gave it the name Wordle as a play on his last name.

Aim Of Wordle Game

You have six chances to guess a word. Every time you guess, you’re told which of your chosen letters is in the target word and whether they’re in the correct place.

Details About The Popularity Of Wordle

There is only one puzzle per day, which raises the stakes. You only have one attempt at Wordle. If you make a mistake, you must wait until tomorrow to receive a new puzzle.

Everyone is working on the same puzzle. This is important because it makes it easier to ping your buddy and talk about the puzzle for the day. “Today was a challenge!” “How did you find it?” “Did you receive it?” That brings us to the next point…

It’s simple to share your results. You’re asked to share your Wordle adventure for the day once you’ve finished the daily puzzle.

Where And When You Can Play Wordle?

Wordle can be found on the New York Times Games website (opens in new tab). There are no apps, so anything claiming to be one is a forgery. It was originally hosted on Josh Wardle’s Wordle website (opens in new tab) but was moved when the New York Times purchased Wordle in early February. Since the New York Times took control, some people have claimed that Wordle has become more difficult, although this is untrue. It is still (currently) free to play and ad-free, as it was originally.


Each day, Wordle can only be completed once. That’s right — no three-hour Wordle sessions when you should be working. The game resets every day at midnight, so if you’re really eager, you can stay up late and finish it while everyone else is sleeping.

Tips And Tricks Of Playing Wordle

You need strategies and tactics to play any game successfully. So, here are some tips & tricks to play the wordle game.

Selecting Your First Word

Without a question, the most significant word is the first one. To get the most out of your initial move, pick a term with three vowels and five possible letter combinations. Examples include oration, media, and radio. 

Reusing Greys Should Be Avoided

 There is a keypad at the base of the Wordle board that displays which letters are green, yellow, and grey. Reusing grey letters should be avoided. Yes, this appears to be self-evident. However, it can take some time and effort to come up with five-letter words that don’t use letters you’ve already attempted. That effort will be rewarded.

Letters Can Appear More Than Once

This complicates matters, especially if you’re nearing the end of your letter supply and want to try word four or five. However, letters frequently recur, as chill, sissy, and ferry was previously correct answers.

Wordle Game Working

When you visit the Wordle website, you’re saluted by a 5-wide by a 6-long grid of empty, white boxes. Because each box can only hold one letter, you must guess the answer by codifying a five-letter word and pressing’ Enter’.

Because there are no hints, any five-letter word will serve as an original conjecture. That’s where the Wordle game truly begins. The color of each letter’s box changes when you send a guess.

  • If it turns green, it means that the letter is in the daily word and you’ve placed it correctly.
  • If it turns yellow, the letter is present in the word but is in the incorrect position.
  • If the box turns grey, it means the letter does not appear in the word.

Today’s Wordle Hint 

A hint for today’s wordle game is given below:

  • The most frequent letter in the English language appears towards the conclusion of the Wordle answer for today.
  • It’s a word with theatrical associations that is today’s second Wordle clue.
  • The word “DATES” would cause four squares to turn yellow, according to our third Wordle clue of the day.

Wordle Today Answer

The answer to the wordle today is STAGE. Although the word “STAGE” has a number of other meanings as a noun and a verb, when I hear it, I immediately think of the area where actors perform plays in theatres. But it can also be used to describe a stage in a process or the act of performing. Therefore, the answer is yes, you may produce a stage play version of the cult independent film Stages on a stage and still have a grammatically correct (albeit incredibly muddled) phrase.

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