What Are The Different Forensic Science Courses After 12th?

In this blog, you will get to know about Forensic Science Courses After 12th. But first, we will tell you about Forensic Science.

What Is Forensic Science?

Criminalistics is another name for forensic science, and in this study, you will learn how to apply scientific ideas to both civil and criminal laws. Students gain knowledge of how to investigate criminal data using scientific methods. This course’s lessons include compiling and keeping records of an inquiry and offering scientifically sound evidence for the topic at hand.

Highlights Of Forensic Science Courses After 12th

Course Name Forensic Science Courses
Duration 1 Year to 5 Years
Eligibility 12th Pass with 45% marks
Admission Process Online
Fee Structure INR 12,000 to INR 37,000
Approved By UGC / DEB
Type Distance


Diploma Forensic Science Courses After 12th List

Courses Name  Duration
Diploma in Forensic Science & Criminal Law 1 Year
Diploma in Fingerprint Examination 1 Year
Diploma in Forensic Psychology 1 Year
Diploma in Document Examination 1 Year
Diploma in Finger Print Expert 1 Year
Diploma in Forensic Medicine 1 Year
Diploma in Cybersecurity 18 Months 
Diploma in Document Examination 6 Months 
Diploma in Cybercrime 6 Months  to 1 Year
Diploma in Humanitarian Forensic 1 Year
Diploma in Digital Forensics 1 Year
Diploma in Information Security 1 Year

Undergraduate Forensic Science Courses After 12th List

Courses Name  Duration
BSc Forensic Science 3 Years
B.Com Forensic Accounting 3 Years
BSc in Criminology 3 Years
BSc Forensic Science 3 Years
BSc (Hons) Forensic Science 3 Years
BSc in Criminal Law 3 Years
BSc in Forensic Psychology 3 Years
BA in Criminology 3 Years
BA in Forensic Psychology 3 Years
BSc in Criminology 3 Years

Master Forensic Science Courses After 12th

Courses Name Duration
Master of Forensic Behavioural Science 2 Years
MSc in Forensic Psychology 2 Years
MSc Forensic Science 2 Years
Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science 2 Years
Masters in Forensic Anthropology 2 Years

Eligibility Criteria For Forensic Science Courses

Students must have a 10+2 degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from a reputable institution, as well as a minimum grade point average of 50%. Additionally, passing English language tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, etc. will be necessary. Exams like the BHU UET, CG PAT, NEST, GSAT, OUAT, and others are used as the basis for entries into particular institutions.

Forensic Science Courses After 12th Skill Requirements

A student must fulfill a number of requirements in order to enroll in the course after choosing to pursue forensic science as a career. Here, students can verify:

  • The qualification required to continue the forensic science course is a mandatory prerequisite that is the same for all candidates. Candidates at level 10+2 must acquire a minimum passing average score.
  • Chemistry, biology, physics, and math are just a few of the science classes that are combined in the field of forensic study.
  • The analytical abilities that will be useful in analyzing the data and presenting some scientific proof are some of the skills that aspirants must maintain.
  • To comprehend the hearings of various people involved in the inquiry, it is also essential to have some interpersonal and communication skills. To manage the gathered data and show such proof in a thorough manner, they must have management skills.
  • In addition to meeting the prerequisites, students must be dedicated to giving the training their full attention and time. The UG category courses in this area will take three to four years to complete.

Entrance Exam For Forensic Course

After the 12th grade, there are numerous public and private universities that give forensic science courses. For admission to these classes, these institutes hold their own entrance exams. Even so, these universities also take scores from national-level entrance exams.

The organization holds the All India Forensic Science Entrance Test (AIFSET) at the federal level. Students who pass the Entrance Exam For Forensic Science After the 12th can be admitted to a variety of top institutions and colleges.

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