Can Ai Crack Passwords in Seconds?

If you want to know can ai crack passwords in seconds? You are in the right place. Here you will explore AI, cyber security, cyber attacks, and ai cracking your password.

Importance of Password Security

In the digital era, Data is a new oil in the ocean of AI but the biggest threat to password security from cyber attackers. Creating a strong and secure password can reduce the risk of cybercriminals guessing your password and prevent the leak of your sensitive data. The majority of individuals fail to keep track of their passwords. Almost 70% of employees reuse passwords while at work. Passwords that were either stolen or weak were used in 81% of hacking-related breaches. Those who repeat passwords at home bring that behavior to their place of employment. Despite the fact that 59% of people reuse passwords at both their place of job and home, 91% of people are aware that it is a bad practice. Making ensuring your information is secure by using a strong password is essential.

Capabilities of AI in Password Cracking

This is an era,  where AI will automate most industries just like cybersecurity. Cybersecurity for a wide range of accessibility to improve their productivity but on the other hand, most hackers and cybercriminals used ai for their benefit and they are capable to crack passwords within the seconds using algorithms but it applies only to weak and common passwords, A hacker used many algorithms such as phishing, credential stuffing, dictionary attack but most common as well as most popular algorithms is brute force attack. According to brute force, assault is like using a battering ram and a password and it is like using a key to access a door. When a hacker tries 2.18 trillion password/username combinations in 22 seconds, your account might be targeted if your password is weak. Another one is the “wordbook attack” also known as a dictionary attack, in this type of cyberattack,  has a pre-build vast list of common words to guess a stoner word. These lists can be created manually but after ai, most hackers made this using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

When we understand about can ai crack passwords in seconds. Here is a result we find a new study from home security heroes, a cybersecurity firm, which shows how quickly and easily artificial intelligence (AI) can crack your password. We will discuss the results but their statistics show that 51% of common passwords can be cracked in less than a minute. For executing this study researcher used passGAN. PassGAN is a password generator based on General Adversarial Network (GAN) for this algorithm we don’t depend on manual password analysis.

In short, the generator creates false data in an effort to trick the discriminator. The discriminator’s task is to separate the genuine data from the fictitious data produced by the generator. It turns into a game of cat and mouse where both networks profit from the ongoing conflict. The discriminator grows better at telling the actual data from the false, while the generator keeps becoming better at creating better fake data.

Characters Numbers Only Lower-Case Letters Upper-case, Lower-case Letters Upper-case, Lower-case Letters, Numbers Upper-case, Lower-case Letters, Numbers, Symbols
4 Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly
5 Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly
6 Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly 4 Seconds
7 Instantly Instantly 22 Seconds 42 Seconds 6 Minutes
8 Instantly 3 Seconds 19 Minutes 48 Minutes 7 Hours
9 Instantly 1 Minute 11 Hours 2 Days 2 Weeks
10 Instantly 1 Hour 4 Weeks 6 Months 5 Years
11 Instantly 23 Hours 4 Years 38 Years 356 Years
12 25 Seconds 3 Weeks 289 Years 2K Years 30K Years
13 3 Minutes 11 Months 16K Years 91K Years 2M Years
14 36 Minutes 49 Years 827K Years 9M Years 187M Years
15 5 Hours 890 Years 47M Years 613M Years 14Bn Years
16 2 Days 23K Years 2Bn Years 26Bn Years 1Tn Years
17 3 Weeks 812K Years 539.72M Years 2Tn Years 95Tn Years
18 10 Months 22M Years 7.23Bn Years 96Tn Years 6Qn Years

Over the years, there have been several data breaches involving victims including Facebook and Yahoo. In order to train password generators like PassGAN, there are many personal datasets available. Additional data provide the AI with more material to work with.

Prevention of AI-Powered Password Cracking

So, you know how this process works and how to help AI crack passwords in seconds for hackers. But more than that you need to know how we prevent these with us. It’s not rocket science to prevent, some steps or tricks you will consider while creating a password.

  • Use a unique, strong password: Choose a strong password that is challenging to decipher. A good password should include at least 12 characters, a mix of capital and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters.
  • Use two-factor authentication: By requesting a second form of identification in addition to your password, two-factor authentication (2FA) strengthens the security of your account. This might be a facial recognition system, a fingerprint scanner, or a code texted to your phone.
  • Update your passwords regularly: At least once every 90 days, you should replace your passwords. By doing this, you may stop hackers from using outdated passwords that may have been hacked to access your account.
  • Don’t reuse passwords: A password should never be used for numerous accounts. Your other accounts are at risk if just one password is stolen.
  • Use a password manager: Try utilizing a password manager to create and store special passwords for every account you have. This can make managing several passwords easier and help you resist the urge to repeat passwords.


Absolutely, AI can quickly guess passwords, especially those that are simple and weak. To break passwords, hackers and cybercriminals employ a variety of tactics, including phishing, dictionary attacks, brute force attacks, and credential stuffing. These algorithms may be automated and enhanced by AI to become quicker and more effective. For instance, the General Adversarial Network (GAN)-based PassGAN password generator can swiftly decipher weak passwords. However, there are practical techniques to avoid AI-powered password cracking, like choosing strong, unique passwords, changing them frequently, and utilizing two-factor authentication. In this article, you get to know your answer that can ai crack passwords in seconds. I tried my best to give the correct legal information.

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