All About Utsashree Portal for Teacher Transfer 2023

Utsashree portal for teacher transfer 2023: Teachers in West Bengal can use the online Utsashree portal for teacher transfer 2023 to another district while still working in their current district.

West Bengal teachers can use this service to apply for transfers and check the status of those transfers. Via this online site, teachers can submit their transfer requests. West Bengal instructors would benefit from the creation of this webpage.

Teachers used to have to visit various government offices to submit transfer requests. But, you can now submit a transfer application online. The platform would make it simple for teachers to switch to another school.

Utsashree Portal for Teacher Transfer 2023 Objective

  • Teachers in West Bengal can submit online transfer applications via the West Bengal Utsavshree Portal.
  • Teachers in West Bengal are no longer required to visit any government offices to request transfers.
  • You must go to the official website to submit a transfer application.
  • You may save time, and money, and increase system transparency by using the online Utsavshree portal.

Benefits of Utsashree Portal for Teacher Transfer 2023

  • Teachers in West Bengal can now readily request a transfer to another school.
  • You can use this gateway to check your eligibility for transfer as well as your eligibility conditions.
  • Teachers can submit applications straight from their PCs or mobile devices.
  • saves a great deal of time and money.
  • You can only profit from the Utsavshree program if you have been employed at your current school for at least five years.
  • Teachers won’t need to go to government offices any longer to apply for transfers.

Eligibility Criteria for Utsashree Portal for Teacher Transfer 2023

The following eligibility requirements are for teachers who wish to register or apply for transfer through the Utsavshree Portal West Bengal:

  • The candidate is a good fit, permanent, and must have worked for the school in the post for at least five years.
  • The applicant’s age should be 59 or less at most.
  • More than 25 miles should separate you from the post office.
  • Elementary school teachers will not be permitted to work in the same division or school district as their prior employment.
  • You cannot apply if you haven’t held a teaching or non-teaching position in the last five years.
  • If someone rejects the transfer order, they are prohibited from applying for a transfer again for seven years.
  • If one is under suspension, facing disciplinary proceedings/judicial proceedings, or facing allegations of financial impropriety, one cannot apply for transfer.

Documents Required for Utsashree Portal for Teacher Transfer 2023

Teachers who want to transfer must submit certain paperwork. The list of documents is available here. Make sure you have all the necessary crucial paperwork, then adhere to the directions.

  • documents that could be relevant to any medical condition.
  • Physically disabled people have a tonne of paperwork to do. Prescriptions and appointments with the doctor may be included in this paperwork.
  • birth certificate for the female teacher’s child.
  • Distance certificate between the husband and wife’s posts.
  • a document attesting to the distance between home and the workplace’s permanent address.
  • The document shouldn’t be larger than 200KB.

How to Apply Online for the Utsashree Portal for Teacher Transfer 2023

  • Go to the WB Utsashree Portal first.
  • Click the “Apply for Transfer” option now on the homepage.
  • You will see the qualifying requirements, benefits, terms, and conditions, as well as the “Proceed” button, in the following step. Before going any further, you must accept these conditions.
  • The login page for the Banglarshiksha Utsashree Teacher Transfer will now appear.
  1. Select OSMS Type: Primary or Secondary
  2. Enter Teacher Unique Code
  3. Enter the Pan Number.
  4. Fill Captcha Code.
  5. Click on the login button.
  • After successfully logging in, a form must be filled out to apply for a teacher transfer online.
  • This is how you can use the Utsavshree portal to apply for a teacher transfer.

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